Tofu Soup for Everyone
by Alan David Perkins
Copyright 2006


A play for children, ages 8-12.


Frankie and Jackie, two fifth graders who live in Queens, need to write a report for Social Studies, but can't quite place the subject.  When a cab driver hears their woes, he takes them on a tour of Manhattan where they learn about culture and diversity by visiting such sites as Battery Park, Times Square, Lincoln Center and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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MR. MOHAMMED A news vendor
FRANKIE a 5th grader
JACKIE a 5th grader
PAT a 5th grader
MRS. RAMIREZ Puerto Rican lawyer
MRS. LOK Korean woman
MR. KATZ Jewish Tailor
6 TOURISTS (can be played by the same 2 actors or 6 different actors)
HUCKSTER a ticket huckster
DANCER a ballet dancer
CURATOR a museum curator


20 - 25 minutes.


The most difficult aspect of this play will be fabricating sets.  Each location has to be implied enough for effect.  Also, the six tourists can be played either by the same two actors or by six different actors.


I'm never in favor of writing adult characters in with children, but in this case it couldn't be helped.  Additionally, the cultural diversity is important.  I wanted to include an African American character in the Queens neighborhood, but opted out due to the size of the cast.


The entire script of Tofu Soup for Everyone is available upon request from the playwright. No production of this play can take place without permission from the playwright.