The Advantage
by Alan David Perkins
Copyright © 1990


One-act comedy.


Dr. Marvin Phillips, PhD, geneticist and world renowned scientist, awakens to find himself stranded on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Around him are a steamer trunk, a palm tree and a lounge chair. Little does he know that he has company: a duck. Dexter, the duck, was the result of Dr. Phillips' experiments that went wrong and now is his only hope for rescue.


DR. MARVIN PHILLIPS - Male, late 30's, early 40's, maybe older.
DEXTER - A duck.


25 - 30 minutes.


The set is a small island about ten feet in diameter with a palm tree (optional), steamer trunk and lounge chair with umbrella. Suggested props include a few cocoanuts, a squirt gun, a rubber fish or two, a napkin and a gun.

Minimal costume should be used for Dexter. A beak and swim fins should do the trick.


I got the inspiration for this play from a "Far Side" cartoon. There was a tiny island with a scientist and a duck facing each other and the duck saying something like "Ah ha, Dr. Something, my nemesis. We meet again and this time the advantage is mine!" I hope I don't get sued by the Larson estate. I think I've changed enough of the text...

This little play has seen a rather full life. It was first produced by Developmental Stages, then went on to Music Theatre North for an acting class. From there Theatre on a Limb mounted it and then WBAI did a radio version of it as part of their show "Shelf Life." The Theatre on a Limb production deserves particular note because it starred the Auslander brothers; Jordan and Adam. Adam, a professional clown, played Dexter. He could do some amazing moves in flippers.


The entire script of The Advantage is available upon request from the playwright. No production of this play can take place without permission from the playwright.