In God's Country
by Alan David Perkins
Copyright © 1991


One-act comedy.

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOLERS: I get many requests from High School students wanting copies of this play for acting and directing projects. Many, MANY requests. If I had a dime for each request, I'd be very rich (presently, I am not).

I am fine with the multitude of requests, but PLEASE know right off the bat that this play may not be 100% appropriate for a high school environment. Possibly not even 80% appropriate. (To date every High School who has requested a script HAS NOT USED IT.)

Having said that, PLEASE indicate a format if you would like the play E-mailed to you (Word, WordPerfect) or I'll just send it as a PDF. If you want it snail mailed, please include an address. I won't charge to use the play for educational purposes. All I ask is that you let me know that you're using it (with occasional progress updates). If you do a full production and charge admission, well, that's a different story!

L-R: Deborah Bekefi, John Snyder, Ray Bonétt and Stephanie Lusen in ATM Production's presentation of In God's Country.

As the lights come up after the first act of the biggest show on Broadway, we see four people seated in the worst possible seats imaginable in the very back row of the top balcony. But suddenly they see a vacant seat a whole four rows in front of them, causing them to compete for the newly discovered prize location before its rightful owner arrives.

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MARCY - Female, mid to late 20's. Long Island Jewish-American Princess.
AMI - Female, mid 20's to late 30's. A talkative, excitable drama student.
STUART - Male, late 30's and up. Businessman.
DAVID - Male, late 20's to early 30's. Marcy's henpecked and emasculated husband.
TICKETHOLDER - Jesus (yes, Jesus).

L-R: Deborah Bekefi, John Snyder, Ray Bonétt and Stephanie Lusen.


15 minutes (the exact time of an intermission).


Four seats in a row. Props include a program and a pair of opera glasses.

I'm not being immodest, I'm being honest. This play is a scream. It's pure slapstick. Mayhem ensues. There's screaming, fighting, all that good stuff. When Theatre on a Limb produced this in New York City, it brought the house down. Still, some find it offensive. I even changed a few lines to be more Politically Correct. Still...

L-R: Deborah Bekefi, John Snyder

When I got the first idea for this, it was in the worst seats at a rock concert, and the play was to be titled "Nosebleed." Since I've been to, like, two rock concerts in my whole life, the play never happened. It wasn't until a friend got me student tickets to the previews of "Miss Saigon," and we found ourselves in the very back row of the biggest house on Broadway that I put it all together. In truth, it probably took just as long to write it as to watch it.

L-R: Scott Bailey, Deborah Bekefi, John Snyder, Ray Bonétt and Stephanie Lusen

The play is really about wanting what you already have. All four dysfunctional characters want something and it manifests in the vacant seat, which none of them really needs.

The characters of Marcy and David are based on real people I know (how frightening!). I've slipped variations of them into other plays. Their names have been changed to protect the innocent. (Who am I kidding? They're guilty, guilty, guilty!) In the sketch comedy show I did a year later, "Out on a Limb," David and Marcy sat in the back of the house making running commentary. "Marcy" became a highly coveted role and, due to conflicts, was played by different actresses. "David" was reprised by my doppelganger, Thom Purdy.


The entire script of In God's Country is available upon request from the playwright. No production of this play can take place without permission from the playwright.